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Everybody knows what the "IQ" means for a human,
but do you know what the "IF" is for an enterprise?
If not, you can get informations on our service page at :

Your Innovationsfactor "IF"

Ask for further information via :

Check out the offer of the H.J.Wendt : Actionpage

This are Examples of the H.J.Wendt - Patents :

See examples of: US - Patents

See examples of: EP - Patents

See examples of: DE - Patents

This are examples for Research- Projects from H.J. Wendt:

Example: OPTICOS- Project

Example: PROMOT- Project

Example: RETAX- Project

Example: LECOS- Project

Example: OBCO- Project

Download PROMOT-Engine Functional Test Video (Size=35MB-MPEG)

Click for Download: PROMOT-Engine